Quick and Easy Ways to Write Story Ideas

Quick and Easy Ways to Write Story Ideas. Complete guide about writing skills on story history and science fiction knowledge information in an essay style. There are numerous ways to generate ideas that you can incorporate into your articles, stories, as well as other creative pieces. Start with three options that follow:

1. Put Your 5 Senses to Work

An easy but efficient way to create new ideas from a single idea or idea is to present or describe it using the five senses – the senses of smell, sight as well as taste and sound.

You must Create 5 pictures (or concrete instances) (one instance for every sense) for the following reasons:

  • vindication (what’s the scent of vindication? What is the flavor? what is the sound? What does it look like? what is the feel?)
  • hesitation
  • celebration

2. Take Advantage of Your Conflicts

Conflict is an integral aspect of our lives. It’s also an opportunity for creativity. All you have to do is review yourself and your life experiences to develop concepts based on conflicts.

You must take action What’s holding you back from taking action? Who stands blocking you from having what you need? What is stopping you from taking the next step in your career? Find the causes of conflicts within your life, and make a list of at least 15 items on your list.

Quick and Easy Ways to Write Story Ideas

Quick and Easy Ways to Write Story Ideas

3. It’s OK to Call People Names

Create names or phrases that represent the habits, values, or character traits of certain populations of people.

For instance, the names I came up with for the people I saw on the bus as I was commuting between work and home included the words: space-hog, slumper fidgeter, and refined. These terms describe how passengers who were on the bus behaved when they were sitting. They were very useful since I was able to stay clear of the space-hogs and fidgeters while choosing seats. Being seated next to a slumper was acceptable, given that the majority of slumpers confined their slumps to their spaces.)They were also able to keep their slumps within their space.

You can do this create nicknames or terms that describe the following people groups:

  • cashiers
  • waiters
  • Teachers
  • employees
  • actors

Start using these three easy methods of coming up with ideas today. In no time you’ll have every idea quickly. This is the power of creativity!

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