How To Join Pak Army Health Department As A Doctor Nursing Male Female Staff

The Pakistan Army has the historical background at the birth of Pakistan. The patriotic people are tend to be directed towards army. The Pakistan army is the best serving force for the world. The army have the aim to provide the citizens of Pakistan.

The candidates who are interested in the field of ARMY must get all the information right here. The updates will be helpful  for you. The candidates can ask any query if you have any in the comment.

How To Join Pak Army Health Department As A Doctor Nursing Male Female Staff

Best Career in Pakistan Army Procedure Requirement and Registration Ranks by QualificationEligibility Conditions:
Doctor or an Officer. Each and every point is discussed in detail that YOU can easily understand that whole criteria
about the joining Of Pak Army. 80, read it carefully and make your dreams come true about t0 be a Pak Army officer.

Category of Selection:

Here we share with you the basic category of selection in which you can apply to join Pakistan Army as a Doctor I
Officer. In the following you will have the main category of selection and further will you also have the classified
specialists in which you can also apply under the main category of selection.

» General Duty Medical Officer (GDMOs) as Captain (Male / Female)

Classified Specialists Specification as Major:

In the above we have mentioned the basic category of selection in which you can apply to join Pak Army, but here we
are going to share with you the further classified specialists in which you can also apply. Many of the candidates are
MBBS qualified but they choose one the classified field in medical and in that field they make themselves a specialist.
So, here we are going to discuss those classified specialists in which you can also apply under the basic category of
selection mentioned above.

  • Anesthesiology (HPG) (Male / Female)
  • Pathology (HPG) (Male / Female)
  • Radiology (HPG) (Male / Female)
  • Basic Medicine Sciences (Male / Female)
  • Gynecology (HPG) (Male / Female)


Candidate must possess qualification MBBS recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).

Candidate with one Of the following qualifications can also apply such as, MBBS with higher Postgraduate qualifications i.e. MRCOG, FCPS (Pak), FRCS, MS American Boards

Certificate or equivalent in respective field of

Required Age:
In the following we are going to discuss with you that in which age candidate is eligible to apply for the Pak Army.

28 Years – Relaxable up tO 35 Years in case Of better qualification I experience on the recommendation Of the GHQ
Selection Boars.

Marital Status:

Under this heading we going to discuss about the marital status of candidate, that in which status candidate is eligible
to apply for the Pak Army as Doctor I as Officer.


Married Unmarried
Married Unmarried Widow

Well candidate in any marital status can apply for the Pak Army that both married and unmarried candidates can apply
for the Pak Army but for females there is one condition that if any female is Widow, so she can also apply for Pak Army
for any of the above mentioned category.


Candidate must be a Citizens of Pakistan.
Such candidate is also eligible if he has domicile of Azad Kashmir/ Gilgit Baltistan.
If any of the candidate has dual nationality, so he has to surrender nationalities other than Pakistani.

Physical Standards:

complete information about physical standards is given deW for both male and female candidates, in which
information about height and weight is given for both male and female candidates.

The people who want to join Pakistan army through health department must check the eligibility criteria given

  1. registration
  2. initial test
  3. ISSB
  4. medical 

the first step is the registration. All bio data is given inducing every minor detail. The registration is done during the given dates  or the respective army recruitment and selection centers. after the registration the slip is given to the candidate to appear in the initial test on the given date.


After the registration the candidates are called for the initial test. these tests comprise of many tests. which are:

  1. online tests
  2. medical tests
  3. physical tests
  4. interview
  • ISSB:

ISSB is not a small word, it stands for inter services selection board. this test is the most verstile and important and any one person can apply for ISSB only two times in his/her life. this test is responsible for the induction of any candidate in army, air force or navy. This test comprises of many tests taken in 4 days from a candidate. these tests are classified into three main parts. which are subdivided into many tests.


The Army is the most dignified and honor line of duty and the best way to secure your future. You can join the forces maintain your fitness level according to the criteria  set by the armed forces. The other details will be given here at your count

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