How To Join ISI Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence As A Officer or Agent Career Tips

We have been giving you recently the career options for you which will help you out to get all the best ones for you. The students after their intermediate can get the admissions in ISI. Inter Services Intelligence can be joined as the As A Officer or Agent and Complete guide that How To Join ISI Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence As A Officer or Agent Career Tips are provided by the

The students require the 99.98% in the IQ test. If you consider your self eligible for the test and the field so you are at the right path. The major departments carried out by the ISI will help you out to get the best admissions.

How To Join ISI Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence As A Officer or Agent Career Tips

How To Join ISI Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence As A Officer or Agent Career TipsMajor departments:

  • Joint Intelligence X (JIX)
  • Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB)
  • Joint Counter Intelligence Bureau (JCIB)
  • Joint Intelligence North (JIN)
  • Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous (JIM)
  • Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau (JSIB)
  • Joint Intelligence Technical (JIT)
  • SS Directorate (SSD)

Joint Intelligence X: JIX

It serves as the secretariat which co-ordinates and provides administrative support to the other ISI wings and field organizations. It also prepares intelligence estimates and threat assessments.It provides administrative support to the other major divisions and regional organizations of the ISI.

Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB)

One of the largest and most powerful divisions of the ISI, monitors political intelligence.The JIB consists of three subsections, with one subsection devoted to operations involving India, other operations involve, anti-terrorism and VIP security.

Joint Counter Intelligence Bureau (JCIB

Responsible for oversees intelligence operations in Central Asia South Asia, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Israel and Russia also responsible for field surveillance of Pakistani diplomats stationed abroad, if need be monitoring foreign diplomats as well .

Joint Intelligence/North (JIN)

Conduct ISI operations for Jammu and Kashmir , including monitoring Indian forces deployed within disputed Kashmir forcefully held by India.

Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous (JIM)

Responsible for covert offensive intelligence operations and war time espionage.

Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau (JSIB)

It includes Deputy Directors for Wireless, Monitoring and Photos, operates a chain of signals intelligence collection stations, and provide communication support to its operatives. It aslo collects Intelligence through monitoring of communications channels of neighboring countries.

Joint Intelligence Technical (JIT)

Not much is know about this section however it is believed that JIT include a separate explosives section and a chemical warfare section.

How To Join ISI???

1. The indirect way 

2. The Direct way

The indirect procedure:

Join ISI indirectly requires joining first, the armed forces of Pakistan. Be it army, navy, or the air force; members of all armed forces can join ISI, whether they are Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCO’s), or the Non Commissioned Officers (NCO’s).

The direct procedure:

For civilians, recruitment is advertised and is jointly handled by the Federal Public Services Commission (FPSC) and civilian ISI agents are considered employees of the Ministry of Defense. The FPSC conducts various examinations testing the candidates’ knowledge of current affairs, English and various analytical abilities. Based on the results, the FPSC shortlists the candidates and sends the list to the ISI which then, conducts the initial background checks. The selected candidates are then invited for an interview which is conducted by a joint committee comprising both ISI and FPSC officials.

Those candidates who pass the interview, then have to go through rigorous fitness, medical and psychological evaluations. Once the candidate clears these evaluations, the ISI performs a very thorough background check on the candidate before being offered to join the ISI. Security clearance is granted once the candidate accepts the offer. Recruited agents then go to the Inter-Services Intelligence School for basic training following which, they are employed on an initial one year probationary period.

Here we will be listed for you with all the information about the ISI Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence As A Officer or Agent Career Tips. The updates will be time to time.

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