How to Get Recommended by ISSB? Complete Basic Guide

Starting today, ISSB tests you in three dimensions:
1) Psychological (tested by ISSB psychologist)
2) Physical Tests (tested by ISSB GTO)
3) Intellectual Tests and GK (tested by ISSB deputy president)
In order to get recommended by the ISSB, you need to get recommendation votes in at least 2 dimensions, one of which should be the psychologist’s vote. If let’s say you get recommended by GTO and Deputy president but psychologist opposes you, ISSB will not “recommend” you.
The psychologists test if you have any traits of negative mentality or you are an evil genius as well as they test if you are capable of sticking at Academy’s hard life or not if selected.ISSB Call Letter Status 2022 Online For Army Navy PAF, Get Recommended by ISSB

How to Get Recommended by ISSB?

Psyche tests are characterized by two things:
1) Your written tests (of which I will explain all, in detail)
2) Psychologist’s interview (which is basically a continuation of your written tests and questions are derived mainly from your dossier i.e a file comprising of your psych tests)
Apart from that, I believe the conclusions drawn by psychologist about you, are forwarded to your GTO and Deputy President who then assign you lecturate topics and ask questions related to your mentality.
One more problem I had last time, was that I just could not have an idea about GTO tasks. I consulted a lot of issb groups, issb recommended and repeater candidates but no one could guide me. I went to ISSB and had a close look at it myself but since I went without any preparation, I performed abysmally in GTO tasks. My GTO wrote “Can’t cope in situation” in my dossier probably because I could not complete my command task which is imperative for GTO’s vote. They usually write this remark for those who can’t complete command task. So, here’s a post to give you an idea of what GTO tasks are like. I will be commenting with some hand drawn model GTO tasks (hope you all get it as my drawing is pathetic). I only remember a bit of my tasks.

ISSB Test Preparation | How can get Recommended from ISSB

GTO tasks are of 2 types:
1) Indoor
It includes Group discussions, lecturate (individual speech), group planning (you are given a situation on a model and you have to resolve it, usually it’s like enemy has held citizens hostage and you have to rescue them within this time frame, you are given 15 minutes to plan a strategy).
2) Outdoor tasks:
These include Progressive Group Task, Half group task, Command task (each individual becomes commander and gets 4-5 people as his/her army) and finally individual obstacles.

Cleared initial tests of PMA, PAF or Pakistan Navy? Got ISSB call letter? Are you worried regarding ISSB Preparation? No need to worry.  Here I’ll guide you completely to go pass the ISSB Test.

ISSB is all about determination, that how much you are inclined towards particular field. The gape between my F.Sc exams and Issb was of just 20 days, even though I went through it. What I think, Issb selects a person who is true, clear and can react accordingly. You should be well known about yourself, your family and what’s happening all around. Here I’m briefly sharing my issb experience.
In Psychological Tests, I made sentences and stories according to my bent of mind. I didn’t tried to be artificial. What ever I use to think, I just presented it in black and white.

How to get Recommendation letter In ISSB

In GTO Tasks, I was cooperative with my all group mates. There was maximum participation of mine in tasks and plans were all good and successful. I remembered the complete briefing of GTO and was reacting according to instructions. The topic for Group Discussion was, ” Taleem hasil karne ka maqsad, bil akhir husool e dolat hai.” I spoke against the topic. The topic for Lecturate was, “Pakistan main jamhoryat khatray main hai.” Here, I also spoke against the topic.
In Dy. President’s Interview, I was dressed well and was reacting according to situation. I was thinking, before answering questions. I never get confused, in tricky questions.
Overall, Alhamdullah I’m 3D Recommended.
If you get the ISSB Call Letter, feel lucky and be thankful to ALLAH(SWT) for this golden opportunity because trust me or not this is going to be one lifetime experience for you which will change you completely. As soon as you get the ISSB Call Letter the tension and nervousness in majority of the candidates arise & that’s natural. Though they are very happy that they got through tests and are medically fit, but all they are worried about what is going to happen in ISSB center. You might have heard about recommendation ratio at ISSB which is not much high. But please don’t keep it in your mind.
Just do the following things

“I can & I will, Just WATCH ME!”

As it is rightly said by one of the wise man:

“Believe you can & you’re half way there!”

What Kind of Tests are conducted at ISSB?

There are different things which can help you pass the test but just like the interviews you have given earlier while applying other jobs, some common factors play a very important role. People usually forget to focus on themselves while going for ISSB Test because they are panic and nervous but remember that you can be selected or rejected for what you are.
According to ISSB official website different kind of natural abilities are checked at ISSB to check if candidate posses those qualities which are required in a defence forces Officers to coup up with different challenges in professional life. Following are the 8 leadership qualities which are checked at ISSB.

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